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About Me


About Me

As a single mom, I have found that home-management, time-management, child-management, and LIFE in general can be overwhelming at times! During my years as a parent, I have found ways of managing these things in order to make our home run more smoothly, with or without a helpful partner! 

If you're looking for ideas on how you can manage your household, and have more time to live your LIFE, you have come to the right place! Here you will find ideas related to cooking (actual recipes!), cleaning, time management ideas, and other (hopefully) helpful tips.


Food is LIFE and love!

From simple week night dinner recipes when time is of the essence, to whole food meals that will help you gain and maintain your health, you can find them here. 


Home Organization

Feeling good in your body doesn't mean a whole lot when your home feels cluttered and dirty. Learn my best tips on managing your home and turning it into a sanctuary you will enjoy.


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Together, we can get you living YOUR best life! Message me today for personalized guided home and body recipes. I can work with you at your own pace to manage your household and life.

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